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Trencher Chain, Trencher Sprockets, Trencher Wear Parts, Trencher Teeth

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Trencher Chain & Trencher Chain Assemblies

Ballantine manufactures trencher chain for virtually every trencher ever built.  We build standard OEM replacement chain and we also offer the Trench-All® heavy-duty chain.  The Trench-All® chain is designed with many special features, which allow for the longest possible wear life. 

Cutting Teeth

The single most important component in the entire digging system is the cutting system.  Ballantine offers the widest selection of cutting teeth throughout the trenching industry.  We manufacture cup cutters with embedded carbide hardfacing to give you maximum performance.  We also offer many styles of carbide rock teeth, such as carbide rotary teeth, carbide Terminator® teeth and groundbreakers.  We also stock a wide variety of adapters for carbide teeth. 



When replacing your trencher chain, be sure to inspect the sprockets and rollers for wear.  We manufacture sprockets and rollers to fit all of the trencher chain that we have available.  These sprockets are engineered to interact with the trencher chains to enhance the overall performance and wear life of all digging components.

Bearings, Booms, Augers and More

We also offer a wide variety of bearings, booms, augers, belts and drive shafts.  This is just a sampling of the wear parts we have available for trenchers.  We are continually expanding the number of trencher parts available.