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Welcome To Ballantine


Trench It, Scrape It, Bury It and More With Ballantine Replacement Parts

Ballantine is a world leader in replacement wear parts for the construction industry, manufacturing and supplying product to the underground industry since 1959.  We bring innovative technology together with the finest quality metals and expert craftsmanship to produce superior ground-engaging wear parts.

Take advantage of our experienced sales personnel and get the most out of your machines.

Ballantine's extensive product lines include:

  • Trencher Chain,  Drive Sprockets, Idler Sprockets, Boom End Rollers
  • Hard Faced Cup Teeth, Terminator Teeth, Carbide Rotary Teeth and Adaptors
  • Elevating Scraper Chain, Sprockets, Idler Rollers, Flights and More
  • Drill Rod, Pilot Bits, Drive Chucks, Sub Savers, Sonde Housings, Rod Wipers
  • HDD Downhole Tooling, Vise Jaws, Pulling Eyes, Swivels
  • Roller Chain and Sprockets
  • Tiller Tines
  • Augers and Accessories
  • Rockwheel / Rocksaw Segments
  • Feller Buncher Saw Teeth
  • CBI Blocks


ISO 9001 Registered Company